Prince Charming

Prince Charming – an idea that I admit has always appealed to me since my childhood. As part of growing up, I understood that these men weren’t real, but something about what they represented always stayed with me. All the reruns of the Disney movies would end in the prince & princess strolling off in sunset to a happily ever after. He was a prince in my opinion since he cherished his girl like she was the only one, and understood that the girl loved him wholeheartedly. 

The storyline leading up to this magical ending is of course fantasy where the couple feel an instant connection and a realization that they are meant to be together forever. But in real life, this is not to be the case entirely. I believe that relationships are a product of time. Even the friendships that have been forged over years take time. It is always part of the bargain that one talks, tries to understand and then make a conscious choice to include them in one’s life.

 It is a jungle out there. Everybody is looking for that elusive ‘one true love.’ People are willing to try anything — from crystal ball gazing to the Ouija board — to land a dream partner.

 True love is another word that is casually thrown around with Prince Charming. I have actually heard a few people say ‘Oh, Prince Charming is an absolute must to find true love’. It is probably the idea of being with someone who is so dreamy and handsome that the love attains perfection? I never understood the reason to glorify love in such a fashion.

 It’s important to stop searching for the kind of Prince we were always sold, I think. It’s imperative to stop thinking of love as something that happens in a moment, all in the beginning. But I think that the idea of a Prince Charming that you construct, bit by bit, is one of the more great things we can aspire to. Instead of rejecting the idea entirely, you can choose, every day — to amplify the qualities you love and accept the ones you don’t so much, to smooth your vision with compassion.

 No, this is not called settling down. This is merely an attempt to open your eyes to the one who is already in your life.