Tanka Fever

Poems have always evoked strong emotions in me. The manner in which a few words can lead to such imagery is always fascinating. Introducing tanka, a member of the Japanese classical poetry. It is seemingly the elder brother of haiku and is the theme of this writing challenge. This is me trying my hand at some tanka writing based on some experiences this week.


#A rift that threatens to engulf a long-time friendship

How can I save this

When you don’t want to explain

Whatever you think I did?

Nagging will keep me at bay

Buddy, talking is the only way


#The joy and agony of watching Federer play in the wee hours of the morning

This suspense is killing

Every point seems like an eternity

Why do you do this?

Let victory sweet be yours to claim

Oh Roger, my heart isn’t to maim


#An interpretation of the monsoon rains in the evening

Gather all the gloomy clouds

Push them up above to the sky

And lay in wait patiently.

The skies burst open in response

To the tempest brewing within.



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